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Lodging and Accommodation:

Blue Palms Care is offering different types of lodging and accommodation solutions to fit with any customer’s budget. All locations are carefully selected to meet our commitment of secure, clean and convenient place. Also, we make sure that all choices are equipped with long stay amenities, and it’s easy accessible. All choices include:

Please note that all of these choices are based on the availability. For more information about lodging and accommodation, please visit the FAQs 


*The maximum number of guest per room is 2, any additional will cost for addition room.

House Sharing

Single Family House



Arrival & Transportation:

Blue Palms Care offer different type of vehicles to cover all customers’ requirements at any time, our transportation services include:


  • Arrival & transportation from/to airport 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Transportation to medical provider at any time a day.*

  • Daily trips to grocery shops on during day time.**

  • Weekly trips to attractions, beaches and shopping malls.

  • Transportations to any other locations upon request during day time.**

* Patient is responsible to call 911 for any medical emergency situations.  The company will be responsible for the prearranged trips.

** Day time is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Friday and Sunday is off.

Full Kitchen

Refrigerator, Range, Oven, Microwave, Heater and cocking tools.

Laundry Utilities 

Security & Surveillance 

High Speed Internet

Flat TV

Mobile and Internet:

In addition to the internet and telephone inside the home, the company offers mobile sim cards with 4G data internet and unlimited local calls & text.

If your mobile is not supporting US networks or you don’t want to use your own mobile, we are able to provide you with US smart mobile to use during your stay.

Full Bathrooms

Sink, Toilet, Tub and Shower.

With varity of arabic channels

Our Services

Washer, Dryer, Iron and Board.

Translation and Interpreting:

We offer documents translation services from Arabic to English and vice versa based on request from patient or medical providers. In case translation need to be made to different language than Arabic or English, we will use certified company for that.

Also, we offer translators (male and female) upon request to help patient in any medical appointment during the day time*


* Day time is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Friday and Sunday is off.

Medical Appointments:

The case manager will contact the medical provider to ask about all coming visits, and we will provide it to patient. Also we will remind patient before a day of each coming appointment. patient will be able to see all his medical appointments and records on Patient Portal.  In case the provider needs any medical history documents, we will inform patient with all providers’ requirements 

Documents Services:

The company will offer assistance with legal documents filling (admission letter, visa extensions, embassy correspondence, ID application, driver licsence) include sending and receiving mails. Also we will help you to get Notary Certified for any required documents.

In case you need a legal advice, we will contact you with a certified lawyer.

Food Services:

We know that food & drinks is a big concern for many muslims patients during stay in foreign country, that’s why we make sure to provide our guest with food services that comply with Islamic rules. Upon request, we offer 2 daily meals (lunch & dinner) that include: 

(Main hot dish – soup – salad – juice – dessert) 

Also, we will provide guest with a list of local restaurants and grocery stores that offer Halal products.

Home Care:

in case patient requires a home assistance, the company will find a professional home care providers like certified nurses or aid workers (male & female) to help patient in his/her daily activities such as follow-up medication, personal care and food services before, during or after treatment.

We offer housing solutions in four categories:

Shared House: (For women only).

Include 3-4 bedrooms, the bedroom includes toilet and small refrigerator, the living room, kitchen and laundry will be shared with other guests.

Single Family House:

Include 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, laundry room, garage and backyard.


Include 2-1 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and laundry room.


Include 1 bedroom shred by gust and companion*, kitchen and laundry within the hotel.

Shopping & Tours:

Florida is considered one of top global tourism destinations; you can find some of the Florida featured places by visiting Discover Florida page.

The company offer weekly trip (or upon request) to shopping malls, beaches, parks and amusement parks.

Currency Services:

If you are required to stay for extended period (more than one month), we advise you to open account in a local bank to avoid carrying a big amount of money with you.

We will help you to open checking account with one of leading US bank. You will receive a debit card that can be use on daily purchase from local grocery stores and online shopping sites.

Also, we are offering a currency changing services based on the international rates.   


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