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Patient Portal


Patient Portal


About Company

What is Blue Palms Care?

It's a medical tourism agency, we are helping patients from Middle East and North Africa to find their need of medical care programs in US, and providing them with end to end logistics services during their stay.


What is the legal status for the company?

Blue Palms Care LLC is a registered company in State of Florida, you can find company status through


Where does it located? 

3902 Henderson Blvd, Suite 208-179

Tampa, FL 33629


Does company provide any medical services?

No, the company doesn't provide any direct medical services, all medical services will be provided by third part




What does the company offer?

We offer end to end logistics services that includes:

  • Arrival & Transportation 

  • Accommodation

  • Food Service

  • Appointments Coordinatio

  • Documents Transferring

  • Interpreting & Translatio

  • Home Care

  • Telecommunication & Interne

  • Shopping & Entertainmen

  • Currency Exchanging  


How much it will cost?

Based on the information you will provide on the quotetion app, we will design a package that include all cost details.


Can I choose specific services?

Yes, you can pick the service that you want and you will just pay for it.


Who will meet me in the airport?

The Case Manager will meet you in the airport and he/she will accompny you to your accomodation location.


Frequently Asked Questions


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